PGS Completes Seismic Survey over 17th Round

Ramform Titan – Credit: PGS

Norwegian seismic surveyor PGS has informed it has completed the survey of additional open acreage to complete PGS coverage of the emerging plays of the outboard Campos Basin, offshore Brazil.

Per PGS, the survey, carried out by the Ramform Titan seismic vessel, provides the first 3D seismic for Brazil’s 17th Round, scheduled for October 2021. The company said that Fast-track anisotropic (TTI) PSDM products for the additional acreage would be available in July.

“Ramform Titan began towing the largest spread ever offshore Brazil in June 2020 and returned to Campos in December. The acquisition configuration, with 14 streamers each 10 kilometers long, is tailored to the challenges of the Campos area. The vessel and its exceptional equipment spread maximize subsurface illumination and minimize environmental impact, acquiring the targeted coverage faster,” PGS said.

Ramform Titan will continue in the area on the next phase of this Multiclient program, which will deliver multi-azimuth illumination (MAZ) of pre-salt targets.

“This project combines the latest PGS acquisition and imaging innovations with rejuvenated library data in the Campos Basin to deliver improved imaging and understanding in a key exploration hotspot. The data covers acreage for multiple Brazil licensing rounds. When completed, the Campos Deepwater GeoStreamer X survey will cover approximately 17 100 sq. km,” PGS added.

Brazil’s concession bidding rounds are annual license opportunities for new exploration areas. These occur alongside the present and permanent offer rounds. The 17th Concession Bidding Round was rescheduled to October 2021. The 17th Round focuses on the Equatorial Margin, with blocks from the Pará-Maranhão offshore basins, Pelotas, and Potiguar; plus ultra-deep waters outside the pre-salt Campos and Santos basins.

Credit: PGS

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