KenzFigee to Deliver New Deck Crane for Cadeler’

Cadeler “O-class” Windfarm Installation Vessel (WIV) (Credit: KenzFigee)

Danish offshore wind farm installation vessel owner Cadeler has hired Dutch firm KenzFigee to replace the current offshore deck crane on the jack-up vessel Wind Orca to make it ready for future offshore wind market needs.

KenzFigee will deliver an electric hydraulic-driven Ram Luffing crane with a lifting capacity of 25tonne (SWL). The KenzFigee Ram Luffing crane is a box boom type with an installed base of more than 50 cranes world-wide.

“The limited number of moving parts makes this crane highly reliable and the ideal low maintenance crane for harsh offshore environments,” KenzFigee said.

The crane is expected to be delivered for installation in late 2021. After testing and commissioning the Ram Luffing crane will be operational in early 2022 and ready for its first assignment onboard the Wind Orca.

“KenzFigee is honored to be selected by Cadeler to supply this crane on one of their O-class vessels and contribute to its strategic decision to solidify their position as key supplier within the offshore wind industry. We will support Cadeler during this project and beyond to make sure this project is the first of many to come”, says Jan-Pieter Klaver, CEO of KenzFigee.

“Cadeler looks forward to the installation of the deck crane on ‘Wind Orca’ and is confident KenzFigee will deliver an advanced solution meeting our operational needs. Replacement of ‘Wind Orca’s’ current deck crane is necessary to ensure the vessel is ready for future wind turbine installation projects, which require a crane with improved reach for lifting various tools and equipment on deck”, says Mikkel Gleerup, CEO of Cadeler, the company until recently known as Swire Blue Ocean.

The wind farm installation firm is working to fit its vessels with new cranes, making them capable of handling future offshore wind turbine models currently under design by major manufacturers, such as GE and Siemens Gamesa, which are developing wind turbines exceeding 14MW capacity.

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