Abu Dhabi Ports, Allianz Marine form Offshore

Abu Dhabi Ports’ maritime arm SAFEEN has signed an agreement with offshore vessel owner Allianz Marine & Logistics Services (AMLS), to launch a new international provider of integrated maritime logistic services.

“Operating under the title of Offshore Support and Logistics Services Company (OFCO – Offshore International), headquartered in Abu Dhabi, the new joint venture will be one of the largest, most capable, and cost-efficient providers of onshore and offshore integrated logistics solutions and subsea services in the GCC [Gulf Cooperation Counci] Gulf Cooperation Council region and beyond,” Abu Dhabi Ports said in a statement.

According to the statement released Thursday, OFCO will offer services for large offshore infrastructure projects, which include current operations within the regional oil and gas sector, as well as future projects set to be launched in the coming years.

“Setting itself apart from the competition, OFCO combines SAFEEN’s strategic position and experience as a port marine operator, with AMLS’ diversified fleet and expertise in offshore logistics and supply chain management, making it the leading fully-integrated supplier of marine logistics solutions and services in the GCC,” Abu Dhabi Ports further said.


“Thanks to the potent synergy of world-class fleet assets, management systems, and supply base operations, OFCO is uniquely-positioned as a ‘one-stop-shop,’ offering clients a spectrum of service solutions including integrated logistics for oil and gas/engineering procurement and construction (O&G/ EPC) companies, inspection repair and maintenance (IRM), and subsea services, supported by Abu Dhabi Ports’ land-based operations,” Abu Dhabi Ports added.

Captain Maktoum Al Houqani, Head of Maritime Cluster, Abu Dhabi Ports, said: “With access to a growing diversified fleet of modern vessels, our partnership with AMLS will allow us to take our expertise and capabilities to new horizons, and unleash our full potential as a preferred global maritime services provider.

Ahmed Khalil, General Manager of Allianz Marine & Logistics Services, said: “Our partnership with SAFEEN is a significant milestone for AMLS. By engaging with one of the subsidiaries of Abu Dhabi Ports Group, which is positioning Abu Dhabi as a major global gateway for offshore logistics and services, we are enhancing not only our ability to support regional infrastructure projects but are expanding our existing portfolio internationally as well.

“With access to one of the largest service fleets marine services provider in the Arabian Gulf, we believe that OFCO will be a game-changer for the oil and gas market, providing integrated offshore logistics solutions and operational excellence to our clients.”

“As part of a wider value offering, OFCO’s customers will also have access to a broad spectrum of trade logistics and services offered by Abu Dhabi Ports, which include offshore, onshore, base operations, logistics, industrial zone, and maritime services,” Abu Dhabi Ports said.

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