Byron Set to Tie SM58 G1 Well to GoM Platform.

U.S. Gulf of Mexico-focused oil and gas company has informed that the Enterprise 264 jack-up rig has moved to a location near its SM58G platform offshore Louisiana.

The drilling rig was last week moved to its recently installed South Marsh Island 58 G location, and will be used to tie back the SM58 G1 well to the platform. The well was drilled in September 2019.

The rig will first disconnect the SM58 G1 well from the mudline hanger and tie it back to the platform and then complete the Upper Sand for production.

The 300-foot-thick hydrocarbon column logged across the Upper O Sand will be perforated, and sand control will be placed in the wellbore.

Additional topside work will be required after the completion operations to connect the wellhead into the platform flowlines. Without significant weather delays, the first production from the G1 is expected by September 1, 2020, Australia-based Byron said.

After the G1 completion is finished, the jack-up rig will remain in place at SM58 G and drill the SM58 G2 well before it is then moved to the SM69 E platform to drill the SM69 E2 well.

Worth noting, a pipelay barge arrived at the location on July 4. Since then the 4-inch diameter 1,000-foot (305 metres) SM58 G oil sales line has been laid and the barge was last week working on the 8-inch diameter 39,000-foot (12 km) SM58 G gas sales line.

In anticipation of a successful SM69 E2 well, which will be operated by the company, a 6 inch diameter bulk oil and gas line and 3-inch diameter gas lift line are also being laid from the SM58 G platform to the SM69 E platform as part of this program.

These lines are each 8,850 feet (2.7 km) long and will be connected into the SM69 E platform with new pipeline risers.

“Laying the SM58 to SM69 pipelines at the present time will result in significant time and cost savings and will allow Byron to control and produce the SM69 E2 well through the SM58 G platform rather than through the facilities of the offset operator, thereby enhancing the project economics,” Byron said.

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